Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tuesday thoughts

I talked to Chad today, i have not spoken to him since his wedding back on June 3rd 2006. Yeah I decided to go, I had to he is a friend and I have so few of them left. He had a fantastic honeymoon... told me a bit about it. He also explained job-wise it could be better because he as he explained to me he got laid off - a week before his wedding! WOW, he got a few promising leads and I even told him if he wants a job at the bank I will be happy to submit his resume as a internal source referral. He also asked why I did not go to his reception, thats a bit of a long story in itself. I wanted to go but when I got to the church... St. margeret in Greentree I saw him, said hello then sat in the back and I don't know what came over me but I was overwhelmed with emotion. Its not because I was so happy to see my friend get married but it was more selfish... I was sitting there in a crowed church by myself. That feeling lasted about five minutes then passed when the cermony began - it was nice - I never been to a catholic wedding before. He is going to have a little picnic at his house in about two weeks and he was inviting me, said you will show up cause I ain't taking no for a answer. I wish I could be more like him -personality wise cause he can make friends easy, in a way he is like another friend or I should say ex-friend that well enough said on that note.

Big Brother Shawn has a new girlfriend, he been single since he broke it off with Melissa. To break it down he wanted to get serious and she wanted him to be her sugar daddy, needless to say he is happier now.

Anthony is enjoying what life has to offer in Las Vegas, he sent me a text message a few weeks back and I have been debating if I should delete it or not but anyway in the subject line of this text message he wrote "pink taco". And in the body of the text message (we both have picture phones) he attached a photo he took with his phone of a woman that was relaxed... Think about it? "pink taco"

To live a day in Vegas thats all I want! :)


At 2:16 AM, Blogger kaz said...

It's hard to step out by yourself -
especially if you don't know anyone but just think if you don't go then you may miss out on something great and if you do then you'll at least you gave it a shot.
Chin up - the chick below could be a goer :)


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