Saturday, July 08, 2006

Random thoughts

I woke up at 3am. Can’t sleep. I keep thinking about the million little things that has no real importance in my life. I hate that.

I’m realizing that I’m happy about going to Central America again, but everyone else is more disappointed in my choice because they feel I should be going to Myrtle beach South Carolina with them. There’s a few reasons for this but more importantly I did the family vacation last year and also I am not a beach person.

Random thoughts this evening:

1) I’ve seen white and black sandy beaches before on Costa Rica. Beaches are the same everywhere guess that is why I am not a beach person. Honduras has lots of them. And also plenty of islands off the coast that are just as beautiful. Rain forests? Got those too. Better than Costa Rica’s or so I have been told, except that their Tourism Department isn’t as good as Costa Ricas.

2) The American fascination with getting away on vacation saddens me. Am I really supposed to believe that a few days away from home are supposed to somehow clear my mind from everything else that happened the 50-something other weeks I was working? Think about it. Some of us wait a whole year anticipating one week of our lives. And besides, do our jobs really suck so much that we’re dying to get away one year in advance? I have no answers, just thinking.

3) Anthony sent me an invite to visit him in Las Vegas, promised to show me the town – including one of his favorite “ranches”. I could go almost for free, Sheep could hook me up with cheap airfare since he works for an airline and Anthony has a guess room I could use.

4) Why do I alienate people in my life?

5) I’m thinking of maybe fasting for a day. And, I’ve decided I should also read to has anyone read Hernando De Soto’s The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else.

Or perhaps I should put a Godly perspective/corrective on De Soto’s conclusions and read Michael Crichton’s State of Fear.


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