Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Lazy blogging Sunday

In the tradition of lazy bloggers everywhere, I give you blogging bullets for the day.
I return to the thought of teaching this week, which means someday posting will begin to follow my teaching schedule as opposed to following my social schedule, as it has lately. (One wonders whether 16-odd-hours-a-day bloggers have any social lives at all or jobs. HAHAHAHAHA I maDE A FUNNY AND i AM TYPING IN ALL CAPPS AND JUST REALIZED IT!)

I’m happy to see that Chris Buckley’s wonderful Thank You for Smoking has been made into a movie, though I have fears about whether a film about a tobacco lobbyist’s machinations is as topical as it was when Buckley first wrote his novel 12 years ago. The real reason to root for this film, however, is that it increases the chances that Buckley’s Little Green Men — my personal favorite Buckley novel — could be made into a motion picture.
Speaking of movies, I’m all for artistic freedom, but does anyone thinking that Gary Busey starring in a role based on Medieval blood libel against Jews is a wise career move? It almost makes “I’m with Busey” look good. Almost.

I got a new computer, not just any a ibm think pad - state of the art with shitload of memory, processing speed cd rom, a drive, zip drive port, usb port and also a digital camera so expect
pictures ... what sort of pictures? Well just wait and see


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